Connection Requested
Connection Requested
From Howie to Dr. Howard: A Journey of Connection with Dr. Howard Gluss

From Howie to Dr. Howard: A Journey of Connection with Dr. Howard Gluss

This week's guest, Dr. Howard Gluss, shares the journey behind his name and discusses the profound importance of connection in therapy and everyday life. Dr. Gluss explains how storytelling, humor, and mindfulness can foster deeper connections, both with ourselves and others.

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00:38 Guest Introduction: Dr. Howard Gluss

00:48 The Story Behind the Name 'Dr. Howie'

02:39 Funny Anecdotes from Dr. Howie's Past

07:51 Exploring the Concept of Connection

08:58 Therapeutic Insights on Connection

11:41 The Role of Disconnection in Therapy

16:02 Connecting with Patients: Techniques and Practices

18:43 Mastering Mindfulness and Active Listening

19:54 Overcoming Stage Fright and Anxiety

22:19 Connecting Through Performance and Media

25:00 Balancing Personal and Professional Connections

25:52 Navigating Toxic Relationships

30:07 The Power of Vulnerability in Relationships

35:31 The Importance of Connection in Challenging Times

37:36 Final Thoughts and Farewell

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Connection Requested
Connection Requested
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