Connection Requested
Connection Requested
Jeremy Ratchford - Connection Requested

Jeremy Ratchford - Connection Requested

This is our 13th episode, so I decided to do things a little differently. This week instead of meeting someone I’ve just met on Linkedin,  we meet a friend I’ve known for over a decade. Jeremy Ratchford is a well-known actor that used to be a neighbor of mine. Is LinkedIn useful for actors? Probably not! But you can connect with him on LinkedIn, especially so if you need a speaker or host for an event.

Data is great, but humans connect with storytelling.

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Connection Requested
Connection Requested
"Who are these people sending me connection requests on LinkedIn?”
That's the thought that started this podcast. Closely followed by...
"Who are the people I have already connected with?"
Join me as I find out who they all are through the stories they tell, not by their bio or job descriptions.
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