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Good question. But I think the best answer is “Why Not?” It’s free and you can subscribe here or on your preferred podcast app or both. S’all good.😎

If you subscribe here, I hope that you meet good people like you.


Who are you?

Yes, you!

I want to know about you. Connect with me and tell me.

My Mistakes

There will be mistakes. Often I do not write because I can’t be perfect. This is not what I want here. Mistakes here are there to show that this is real and I am not perfect.


What is the habit/ritual that you’d like to form?

Top Tip: What is the smallest, repeatable, step that you can make a promise with yourself to do? I heard a guy tell his story about promising himself that he would floss at least one tooth each day. When he flossed one tooth he’d generally end up flossing them all. However, when he didn’t floss them all and only flossed one, there was no need to feel bad because he had still met his commitment. This led him to consistently flossing his teeth every night. I know this works because now I floss too! 😁🦷

I’d like to podcast, so the smallest repeatable step for me to get started is the short connection stories that make the Connection Requested episodes that I will publish weekly.

Love to all,


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