Connection Requested
Connection Requested
Shane Borza - Connection Requested

Shane Borza - Connection Requested

Episode 2.

Humans connect with storytelling. The stories in this episode will help you connect with:

Shane Borza

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Welcome to the second episode of Connection Requested. I'm Mark Tweddle. The co-founder of You Tell Yours where we create online events to help your team show up fully. I've still no idea where this podcast is going to lead. All I do know for certain, is that I want to have stronger connections on LinkedIn. And the best way to create that connection, that human understanding, is through the storytelling exercises that we developed for our team events. As ever, I don't want to talk too much. Because I want these episodes to focus on listening to the guest. So it's the same question as last time. But this time with a new guest. What happens if you give someone two minutes to tell the story of their name with no preparation? No one else can tell that story better than them.

My last name Borza is originally Polish or Czech heritage name. And, uh, unfortunately my dad and his whole, his parents they're all passed on. So I haven't ever had a chance to find out really what it means or where it came from.

I do know that it was a much longer name and my grandparents on my father's side were the first in their family to be born in America. So when their parents came over, it was a different name and it was much longer. They basically came to Ellis island and someone was like, oh, this big, long gobbledygook name, just cut it.

So like the Borza part was the beginning. But I, I have no idea what the whole rest of it was. So that's my last name. Shane comes from both my parents liking the name, but they also really liked that it wasn't as common and of course, because of the famous Western movie, you know, Shane, uh, everyone assumes that I was named because of that.

And, uh, that's one of the few movies or TV shows or anything. You know, you don't hear the name Shane very much, but that's actually the reason why they made me Shane is because it wasn't as common. And the other thing that I really like is Shane and Borza, they're both kind of short, kind of unusual.

They're both five letters. They both have two consonants, they both have two vowels. They both start in a consonant, end in a vowel. So it seems kind of very balanced in a way, you know, I don't ever have anyone remarked on that, but I just kind of liked the system almost, you know, I, I think my parents did that completely by accident, but, uh, so I, I keep wanting to embark on kind of the discovery of, well, what did Borza originally mean?

I don't know anything about Poland or, or Czech Grandparents' heritage is kind of like a mashup. So I don't even know if it's Czech or Polish. I just know they were Polish -Czech that's it.

Thanks Shane. Listening to that. Did you get an idea of how Shane sees the world? Is he comfortable with uncertainty? Does he look for patterns?

At least that's what I heard. And it's not what I'd have learned by looking at a LinkedIn profile. So that's why I'm making this podcast. I think you get a better read on a person from their stories than you ever will from their social media profiles or resumes.

So in this episode, I'm going to share a different exercise that I had Shane try.

I asked them to tell a two minute story starting with these three words. " Last Friday, I".

And again, With no preparation whatsoever.

So last Friday I was on a friend's podcast show. She does Facebook live video. And we met, we were both in the same coach program.

She's a real interesting person, because she loves all the kind of, woo-woo like new age, life hacks and kind of experimentation stuff, but she's a scientist. So she marries that kind of like critical thinking research part of her with the like, you know, uh, heart breathing and, you know, being open to the universe and manifestation and all that.

And so we had this amazing chat for about an hour. And I had actually forgotten until now that I'm bringing this up. She's like, oh, I'll have the video up next week. So I might even have the video up today. I don't know. So it was an interesting experience to be on the show because she came with some interesting questions and things, I didn't think or associate with, some of the kind of coaching things I was going to talk about for her community. But also I realized afterwards, I was like, so kind of present that. She's like, oh, we're almost at a time. And I was like, I don't even remember really what we talked about because we were like, so in it that it was just flowing and going on.

And I'm really glad that you're asking me, you know, on Friday I was like, oh yeah, on Friday I was on that show. Like I remember where I was on it, but that's about it. So I'm really excited to seek out the recording when she posts it and kind of listen to it again. I think that it's those connections that are really powerful, you might go in a different direction than you were thinking of, but you end up somewhere that's like really compelling and it makes for a great connection. So hopefully that'll happen to us every Friday.

Thanks Shane

Listening to Shane made me think about journaling. And my complete inability to manage, to do journaling. And it's made me think, I wonder. Maybe it'd be easier for me to create a spoken journal. Though, actually I think perhaps a white page is pretty much the same as an unpressed record button. So maybe scratch that idea.

Do you feel like you're getting to know Shane?

Like, if you had a call with them, that you kind of know in your heart of hearts, how that call would go.

I hope so. If nothing else I hope that you've learned that Shane Borza is awesome.

So, if you've liked this podcast, please share it. Preferably on LinkedIn.

And keep on having fun and making the best of connections.

Connection Requested
Connection Requested
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